Today: May 5, 2015, 12:09 pm


Lightworld welcomes you to the future of lighting! We are able to offer our customers a unique choice of energy saving and long last luminaries, which will not only provide you with great savings, but also provide you with peace of mind that the lights you choose will not only outlast, but also outshine other traditional forms of lighting. This coupled with the knowledge that all of Lightworld's lamps are specifically designed with you, the customer, in mind but also our precious planet. By purchasing our lamps you will be assisting in reducing the level of greenhouse gas emissions from traditional lighting (use our energy audit calculator to see how you can play your part). All of our lamps come backed with a 2 year replacement warranty.

Lightworld provides you with the very latest in LED technology as well as Electromagnetic Induction (EMI) and Plasma lighting. Our products range from simple desk lamps to downlights, to commercial applications to large scale industrial high bays and street lighting. Our LEDs have the added bonus of being fully solar adaptable, thus providing even more energy savings.

We at Lightworld are excited about the future, as our products use premium components manufactured under strict International Standards, are fully recyclable and (generally) solar adaptable. They are designed and manufactured with you (whether you are an individual or a multi-national company or a Government) and the environment in mind.